A sweet boy named Gavin calls me mommy. Being a stay at home mom has its perks. I love spending time with my son and his father. (when he’s not at work). But sometimes this mama needs a break.

I have always enjoyed reading blog posts and social medias about other mothers who are just like me. I always find myself researching and asking questions to these moms that seemed to know everything and have it all figured out.

The advice is great. The stories are funny. But it didn’t always help me. Or more specifically, my toddler. I’ve since learned that what helps one mother won’t help the next and that’s okay.

As i previously mentioned I am a stay at home mom. It is very rewarding and exhausting all in one. As my baby turned into a toddler and started learning more and more each day, discovering who he was. I realized something. – I need to find my own identity.

The days went on and I was on a hunt to find my true passion – Besides being a mom, of course. Something I can do to make me happy. I found myself asking other moms and reading blog posts again. Then it hit me. I can share my knowledge and advice on motherhood.

This is how East Coast Mom began.

My goal is to share my advice as a mother. Make memories. and be creative.

Its nice to meet you, my name is Kayla.

-Kayla Jordan



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