4 Stay at home mom tips – To keep you sane

I’ve been a stay at mom since day one. I have experienced it all. The good days, the bad. I have felt all the emotions. – love, happiness, exhaustion, boredom, freedom and stress. Stay at home moms are basically the backbone to keeping a house and family up and running. I have learned some tips throughout my journey so far that has kept everyone happy. And most importantly – kept me sane.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or lonely, trust me you’re not alone. It’s all trial and error and we are all doing our best. Here are my tips that have helped me so far.

Number one  Routine. This is so important. Children do a lot better with structure. Personally for my son it worked great, until he started getting bored with the same routine and it wasn’t allowing me to get anything done. Instead we keep the main schedule.

Mornings – Wake up. Eat Breakfast. Play. Afternoons – Eat lunch. Nap time. Snack. Nighttime– Dinner, Bath, Quiet play/reading. Bedtime.

This ensured me that I would have time to do my daily duties. Clean up, do the laundry, dishes or any other task that needed to get done that day. It would also allow my son to be on a schedule but gives us the freedom to do different activities or go out in between these times and do something exciting.

Number two – Alone time. Now that we have a basic routine going. It is important to know that your day can not consist of just being a mother and housekeeper. Moms need time to themselves to sit back, rejuvenate and relax.

Every night when my son goes to sleep. I Take a shower and get comfortable. I grab a snack and continue watching my current Netflix obsession. This helps me wind down from my long day. I also like to note down and pre-plan for the next day.

Number three – Clean as you go. For the longest time I would clean in the mornings. Full on deep clean to start my day fresh. Not only did that take a lot of energy from me. I had this mindset that I already cleaned so I don’t need to go back and clean again. Before i knew it my house went from spotless to full on disaster.

I started cleaning as the day went on. It is so much easier to keep a house mess free this way. – Plus it doesn’t take as long as doing a giant clean in the mornings or at night. I would be lying if I said I always did this. I do have a few main pick up spots that i make sure i tackle everyday, that actually make a huge difference. Try these cleaning tips to help you less stressed throughout the day.

  • No dishes in the sink – I immediately put any dirty dishes into the dishwasher. Bonus; If you forget to run it, no one will even know.    


  • Always wipe counters – My house can be fully clean but if there are crumbs on the counters that is the first thing I notice and it automatically makes the kitchen look dirty.


  • Put toys away every night – If your house is anything like mine, toys have completely taken over. There was a dinosaur in my shoe the other day and about a million random toy pieces under my couch. Just because my life revolves around being a mom, it doesn’t mean I want my living room to look like a toy store.

Number four – Staying social. This is the best tip. I always had this mom guilt that once you become a mom that is it. No friends, no going out, no social life. That is exactly what I did. I basically isolated myself from reality – with this mindset that once you are a mom – its only about your kids.

It became very lonely and the days that I was stressed out and tired I had no one to talk to. I needed to talk to someone and vent who knew what it was like. I finally ventured out of this hole and realized there’s no need for this mom guilt. I got connected on social media and found all these amazing groups and made really great friends that are mostly all stay at home moms. Who get it. They understand the struggle.

Sometimes you just need to share your day Even if it sucked! and laugh it off. I got a lot of comfort and reassurance. If you are a stay at home mom and you are feeling alone – definitely connect with other moms and talk.

As moms we are all learning and growing.  These tips have helped me get through my days a little easier. I hope these can help you too.

Comment below if you have tried any of these and let me know what is one thing that helps you or your little one.



  1. kym

    This is great! I’m a stay at home mom and I struggled at first! My baby girl is now six months old and when we stay on schedule things flow so much better 🙂 Great read.

    1. EastCoastMom

      Thank you so much! 🙂 Yes, me too. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything. My son just turned two and him understanding a bit more has helped with his schedule.

  2. Your website looks great so far! I enjoyed reading your entry. Even though I’m a working mom these tips can help all moms. 🙂

    1. EastCoastMom

      Thank you so much! I wasn’t sure about the website, I definitely like it but it’s nice to get good feedback! Yes that is true. These specific ones I mentioned have helped me so much!! 🙂

  3. Deanna

    I’m a stay a home mom who is in college. We don’t have much of a routine. I like your first blog!

    1. EastCoastMom

      Thank you 🙂 And that’s great about college! My son got bored of the same routine so we try and just keep his sleeping schedule the same!

  4. Very cute, I like it

    1. EastCoastMom

      Thank you so much! 🙂

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    1. EastCoastMom

      Thank you so much! 🙂 I will definitely write more like this

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